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【电量量和 @xiang_xge 译自官网 2021 年 07 月 13 日发布的 New world generation in Java available for testing;原作者 Henrik Kniberg】【本文排版借助了:SPX
UPDATE: Thanks for all the feedback we've received! It's nice to hear that most people like the new terrain generation, and we really appreciate the concrete suggestions about things to improve! We did a bunch of tweaks and improvements during the week, and have updated this post with experimental snapshot #2. We probably won't release a new snapshot for a few weeks now (unless we messed something up badly), since most of the team is on vacation.

NEW: Changes compared to experimental snapshot 1
  • Biome placement is a bit smoother and less noisy. Fewer microbiomes dotting the terrain. Biomes tend to be a bit larger and less fragmented.
  • 群系分布现在更加丝滑了。微群系(microbiome)应该在地形中出现得更少了。群系一般会更大一点,不那么支离破碎。
  • Raised cloud level from 128 to 192
  • 云层高度从 128 提升到了 192。
  • Renamed mountains (= old mountains biome) to extreme hills, and gravelly mountains to gravelly hills, to reduce risk of people getting confused when they use /locatebiome to find the new mountains and end up in the old mountains...
  • 把山地(mountains,旧的山地群系)改名为了峭壁(extreme hills),把沙砾山地(gravelly mountains)改名为了沙砾峭壁(gravelly hills),以便让大家用 /locatebiome 的时候分清新旧山地。
  • Beachier beaches! Beaches are generally wider. But also in some places there are no beaches at all, to provide some variation.
  • 沙滩比沙滩还要沙滩了!沙滩现在宽了很多。不过有些地方干脆就没有沙滩了,以增加一些多样性。
  • Sheep spawn in meadows. Also more rabbits and less donkeys
  • 羊现在会在繁花山地(mountain meadows)中生成了,以及多了点兔子少了点驴。
  • Blue orchid no longer spawns in meadows. The swamps were sad because this was their unique thing.
  • 繁花山地里没有兰花了。沼泽表示嘤嘤嘤,因为明明这是他们的专属花花的。(译者整活)
  • Swamps now generate properly. They generated in weird places before and were sad about that. Swamps are happier now.
  • 沼泽现在生成的正常些了。之前他们都在犄角旮旯里,因此表示嘤嘤嘤。现在他们很满意。
  • Added missing biomes: Ice Spikes and Eroded Badlands
  • 把消失的群系加回去了:冰刺平原和被风蚀的恶地。
  • Underground biomes interfere less with surface biomes. They can still leak out of cave entrances sometimes though (because it looks kinda cool!)
  • 地下群系和地表群系现在不那么挤来挤去了。他们仍然可以在地表暴露出入口(因为看起来太酷了!)。
  • Increased the height of some of the peaks. Now they can reach up to 220-260 or so, but rarely.
  • 把山峰的高度调高了些,他们现在可以冒到 220-260 了,不过这样的山峰很少。
  • Slightly increased the chance of finding large areas with flat terrain
  • 稍微调高了找到大片平地的几率。
  • Meadows sometimes spawn a lone tree, often with a bee nest
  • 繁花山地现在会稀疏地生成单棵的树,通常有蜂巢。
  • Monsters spawn in the new mountain biomes
  • 怪物现在会在新的山地群系生成了。
  • Emeralds and infested stone generate in the new mountain biomes
  • 绿宝石和被虫蚀的石头现在会在新的山地群系生成了。
  • Made ore veins slightly larger and more frequent, since very few people seemed to actually find them in survival.
  • 矿脉现在稍微大了一些而且更加繁密了,因为貌似大家在生存里都找不到。
  • Structures now show up in the right biomes (mostly). Found the right amount of duct tape  to put in the right place in the code.
  • 结构现在(绝大多数)会在正确的群系里出现了。我们已经找到足够多的胶布糊在代码里了。
  • Toned down the megacave entrances a little bit, and made them less likely to go all the way down to deepslate level. Getting to diamond zone was just a bit too easy.
  • 减少了大型洞穴入口的数量,并且让他们不太可能飞流直下到深板岩。到达钻石层有点太简单了。
  • Made cheese caves a little bit smaller on average (they can still be huge though!), and a bit less likely to intersect the surface
  • 让奶酪洞穴的平均尺寸更小了(不过他们还是可以变得很大!),并不太可能接触地表。
  • Reduced the chance of sand and gravel being placed in such a way that they immediately fall down on generation. Replaced with sandstone or stone in those cases. The falling blocks were messing up the terrain as well as performance. Still happens but not as often.
  • 减少了沙子和沙砾在生成的时候直接掉落下去的几率。在这些情况下,他们下面会垫上砂岩或石头。下落中的方块真的很影响地形以及性能。这种情况还是有的,不过少了些。
  • Zombie, Skeleton, Spider, and Cave-Spider spawners now spawn mobs up to block-light level 11. Although the mobs spawning in complete darkness did not affect the difficulty of vanilla spawners, we recognized that these spawners haven't been a real challenge for a while now. We hope this change will make conquering a spawner a more exciting challenge!
  • 僵尸、骷髅、蜘蛛和洞穴蜘蛛的刷怪笼现在在方块亮度11级以下都会刷怪了。虽然之前的只有在完全黑暗的环境下才会刷怪的机制没有影响刷怪笼,但是我们意识到这些刷怪笼已经不是一种威胁了。我们希望这个改动会让攻占刷怪笼更有挑战性!
  • Spawners have a new "CustomSpawnRules" tag, which lets you override the spawn rules of the spawned mob. In the tag you can specify "BlockLightLimit" which indicates the highest block-light the spawners will spawn mobs at. This change is to enable map-makers to use spawners in a more customizable manner to spawn mobs in any light levels they choose!
  • 刷怪笼现在有一个 CustomSpawnRules 的标签,以便让你覆写刷怪规则。在标签中,你可以指定 BlockLightLimit 来改变刷怪笼刷怪的最高方块亮度。这个改动可以让地图制作者们更加机动灵活地使用刷怪笼,在任意亮度下刷怪!
NOTE: These snapshots are experimental! Some features may be significantly changed oreven removed if needed to improve performance.

Known issues
  • Opening a world from experimental snapshot #1 causes an error. So you need to create a new world for this snapshot.
  • 打开第一个实验性快照的世界会报错,因此你要为这个快照再新创一个存档。
  • Low performance (we are working on performance optimization for the normal snapshots coming later)
  • 性能低下(性能优化会在接下来的正常快照中进行)。
  • Nether terrain is messed up
  • 下界地形炸开了。
  • End pillars don't generate (however they do generate when you respawn the dragon...)
  • 末地柱(译者注:黑曜石柱子)不生成了(但是他们还是会在重生末影龙的时候重新生成)。
  • Red sand is hard to obtain because badlands mostly generate on plateaus
  • 红沙很难获得,因为恶地一般都在高原上生成。
  • Aquifers sometimes break coastlines in an ugly way
  • 含水层会让海岸线变很丑。

How do I get the experimental snapshot?
关于如何安装实验性快照的可视化指南,参见这个附有精心配图的教程! 或者, 请按以下步骤操作:
  • Download this zip file
    下载这个 zip 文件
  • Unpack the folder into your versions folder of your local Minecraft application data folder (see below if you are confused)
    将其中的文件夹解压到您本地 Minecraft 文件夹的“versions”子文件夹中(如果您有疑问,请参见下文)
  • Create a new launch configuration in the launcher and select the pending 1.18_experimental-snapshot-2.zip version
    在启动器中新建启动配置,选择“pending 1.18_experimental-snapshot-2.zip”版本
  • Start the game and the remaining files will be downloaded
  • Play in a new world!This version is not compatible with other snapshots!

Finding the Minecraft application data folder
  • Windows: Press Win+R and type %appdata%\.minecraft and press Ok
    Windows 系统:按 Win+R 并输入 %appdata%\.minecraft ,点击确定
  • Mac OS X: In Finder,in the Go menu,select Go to Folder and enter ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
    Mac OS X 系统: Mac OS X : 在访达的“前往”菜单中,选择“前往文件夹”并输入 ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft,然后按“前往”。
  • Linux: ~/.minecraft or /home/<your username>/.minecraft/
    Linux 系统: ~/.minecraft 或 /home/<你的用户名>/.minecraft/

Having trouble? Check this visual overview.
有疑惑? 请查阅这个概述。

What about the previous Caves & Cliffs preview datapack?
These changes are too big for a datapack, that's why we're doing it in a separate experimental snapshot. So for now, the experimental snapshot serves the same purpose as the datapack did before.

Can I open old worlds in this experimental snapshot?
No, experimental snapshots can only open worlds that were created in the same version. Later on in the actual 1.18 release you will be able to open 1.17 worlds.
不行,实验性快照只能打开在这个快照中创建的世界。在之后的 1.18 版本中您将能够加载 1.17 的世界。

What about Bedrock?
An earlier version of experimental Caves & Cliffs world generation is available on Minecraft Bedrock. You can read about it here. We are working hard to get this new version of world generation to Bedrock betas soon.
Minecraft 基岩版上提供了早期版本的实验性洞穴和悬崖世界生成选项。你可以在这里查阅相关信息。我们正在努力让这个新版本的世界生成器尽快加入基岩版测试版。

How do I give feedback?
Use the feedback site or this Reddit post .
使用反馈网站或者这个Reddit 帖子 .

We are mostly interested in feedback about the new world generation overall, and what it is like to play in it. We are also looking for feedback on the updated mob spawning. We changed so that mobs only spawn in complete darkness in order to make it easier to spawn-proof the new larger caves.
New feature requests are not so useful at this point, since the scope of the Caves & Cliffs update is already large enough and we want to focus on finishing the features that we've already announced.
Note that we don’t use the bug tracker for experimental snapshots.

When will these features show up in the normal snapshots?
1.18 snapshots will probably start sometime around September.
1.18 的快照可能会在 9 月份左右的某个时间点开始推出。

Ore distribution

Approximate ore distribution for Minecraft 1.18. Click here for a full resolution image.
1.18 中的矿石分布近似图。

Minecraft(我的世界)中文论坛 https://www.mcbbs.net/thread-1228756-1-1.html


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